New Blog Design (With Apologies for Formatting Blips)

The other day I was talking with my writing group. Somehow we drifted onto the topic of blogs and took a close look at a few of them. This was when I realised that by comparison mine was rather cluttered. So, I resolved to change its design.

As of today the blog appears in one of Blogger's contemporary or 'modern' designs. I am not fully convinced yet. Especially because the 'theme' messed around with some of the formatting of the posts. – I do want to decide where I insert paragraph breaks. I want to design how my writing aligns on the page. And, in particular, I do not like it when lyrics or the poems are centred. - But, that may just be the price I need to pay for a proper layout for mobile devices that comes with the new themes.

I've tried to tinker with the 'theme' a bit today and I tried to adjust the formatting of the posts. However, my time is limited and I haven't gone back further than the beginning of this year – so, that's the last 15 or so posts. I do not know whether or when I find time to dig deeper into these formatting issues. In the meantime, I apologise for any 'unique' formatting you may encounter while perusing the blog.


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