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9-8-7-6 ... Home!

There we go, only another month left in Nigeria and I have to confess that the year went much more quickly than anticipated. But I also have to confess: I can't wait to leave ... for now.

No, its not Nigeria that's the issue, its that I really really need a break. If I'm honest with you and myself: I'm not really researching anymore, I'm just dragging along, picking up what's to be found along the way - granted, given that I'm currently hanging around ABU, Zaria there are some nuggets just waiting for me to be picked up - and would honestly prefer to leave now now, take a break writing and digesting and then come back again in a few months ... Which by the way, I'd still like to do somehow, if there's any way of harmonising this with my home university and ... well, getting some cash or some income over here. But that's ... Let's wait and allow things to fall in place.

For now, I'm longing for golden October, the fresh air, German bread, 24/7 power supply and running hot water ... and some quality time with family and friends, hence: a break!

To, the countdown has been started, the countdown to Germany first, then London (where I need to sort out all the staff I left with my ex-flat mates) Anyway, all of you out there in Berlin and London - can't wait to see you, discuss all that happened last year in my and, most of all, in your life over a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or wine (my own experiences I already know about!) ...

All of you in Naija - well, its still too early to say good bye ... n anyway I'm planning to come back! Because of d people, lovely people, I met n don't want to miss again!