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Second Episode of BBC’s Welcome to Lagos

Here, as promised the link to the second episode of BBC’s Welcome to Lagos on Youtube:

Also, if you’re in the UK check out tonight on BBC4 Desmond Tutu Talking to ‘Africa's leading contemporary thinkers in a series of discussions exploring major issues and changes affecting the future of the continent.’ Today’s topic is Is Africa about to Become Rich? - Desmond Tutu and his guests examine the relationship between China and Africa.

BBC’s Welcome to Lagos

Currently not very active in blogging terms – blame it on the PhD, the futile medley of writing and writing blocks – but this one had to get up quickly:

Not sure whether anybody had a chance of watching the BBC’s Welcome to Lagos last week. Meanwhile somebody has put it up on YouTube for all of you who are not in the UK and hence cannot access BBC’s IPlayer:

BBC will screen episode 2 tonight and as soon as I see it on YouTube I’ll post the link. Promised.