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Liverpool Workshop on Hausa Identity

I've just come back from a workshop on Hausa identity in Liverpool. A lot of the great English names of research into Hausa language, culture and history were around. And, lucky me, a lot of the papers dealt with material culture in one way or the other ... so, I actually picked up a few ideas and a lot of encouragement to actually get properly started writing ... yeah, I think I found a beginning and hope it will develop some dynamics of its own soon but its really not enough I've yet written, should have managed to get much more done but then ... blame it on the writer's block and the need to kind of get settled first ... alright, all pretexts, you're right but the last two days in Liverpool were really inspiring, even though the question of Hausa identity (what makes a Hausa a Hausa, since when can we talk about the Hausa etc) is not actually too relevant for my own work - I try to dodge it by focusing on specific locations rather than their ethnic set-up ... anyway, let's get back writing ...

Anyway, for those of you who are intersted find the conference’s abstracts here.

Back in London

Alright, here I am back in London, already having a nice little room – this time in South London, yeah, why not finally try another part of the town, after five years in and around Harringey?! – and a job interview lined up on Tuesday but … yes, I’ve seen my supervisor and its been a good discussion, only … well, he finally showed his mean side by insisting that rather than working on the historical background and the theoretical framework of my topic I better go directly to the meat, i.e. all the stuff I collected in the last year, and start writing it down! In fact, he actually set me a deadline for next Friday. Maybe, but only maybe I might be able to stretch it until Monday. Afterall, I’m going to a workshop on Friday and Saturday, hence, loose two days I could have used for writing. Anyway, the truth is, I’m not writing anyway. Yes, I admit to it, I have a writer’s block! A serious one! Since Wednesday I’m approaching my computer every morning, can’t stop myself from running away from it after a few minutes of useless staring at the screen – under excuses like checking a book or eating something – and in the eve leaving without any work done … nothing worth mentioning at least! Asking me to write about what I just collected, what is still undigested, and, most of all, in regard to which I can’t hide behind some other author’s authority was extremely mean! … … … I know he’s right, I know its his job to push me, but … I’m still blocked and unfocused …

Did I mention that its cold, foggy, dizzling … Gosh, I'm really missing Nigeria's sun, sand and sweat!!!