Back in London

Alright, here I am back in London, already having a nice little room – this time in South London, yeah, why not finally try another part of the town, after five years in and around Harringey?! – and a job interview lined up on Tuesday but … yes, I’ve seen my supervisor and its been a good discussion, only … well, he finally showed his mean side by insisting that rather than working on the historical background and the theoretical framework of my topic I better go directly to the meat, i.e. all the stuff I collected in the last year, and start writing it down! In fact, he actually set me a deadline for next Friday. Maybe, but only maybe I might be able to stretch it until Monday. Afterall, I’m going to a workshop on Friday and Saturday, hence, loose two days I could have used for writing. Anyway, the truth is, I’m not writing anyway. Yes, I admit to it, I have a writer’s block! A serious one! Since Wednesday I’m approaching my computer every morning, can’t stop myself from running away from it after a few minutes of useless staring at the screen – under excuses like checking a book or eating something – and in the eve leaving without any work done … nothing worth mentioning at least! Asking me to write about what I just collected, what is still undigested, and, most of all, in regard to which I can’t hide behind some other author’s authority was extremely mean! … … … I know he’s right, I know its his job to push me, but … I’m still blocked and unfocused …

Did I mention that its cold, foggy, dizzling … Gosh, I'm really missing Nigeria's sun, sand and sweat!!!


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