Daily Trust (Nigeria): IICD Artists in Residence Open Studio

The Daily Trust ran an article on the artists taking part in the International Art Residency programme of the International Institute for Creative Development in Abuja and their meeting with Professor Jerry Buhari – whose work I really like and who is as kind and generous a man. The article quotes him saying that

'In sharing ideas here, we connect not just on art, but globally, culturally, and are looking at the diversity of experience and differences in geographical experiences.
I started by showing one of my performances which is one of my current directions. In ‘Man and Earth,’ I was exploring the relationship between the human and environment where I picked elements like prayer, ablution and so on. The whole idea is to cause man to see the need to realize that he is a gardener.'

In case you're interested – and happen to be in the vicinity of Abuja : IICD's artists in residence have open studio on 19 November 2016 from 3pm at 4 Oguda Close off lake Chad Crescent, Maitama Abuja.


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