Political Sardines in Ghana

This comes from West Africa, the weekly magazine that was published between 1917 and 2005 and covered the latest news, economical developments and, to a much lesser extent, culture in the region. To me that's a rather creative approach to politics – though I am sure Dr. Busia didn't think it quite as funny. Did anybody ever do something similar to a Nigerian politician?

Political Sardines
Dr. Kofi Busia, one of Ghana's two main political party leaders, has said he does not know about the manufacture of "book matches" said to have been made with his effigy on. Ten thousand are reported to have been ordered by the Ghana Students Association in North America in 1965, without Dr. Busia's permission being sought. The former Vice-President of this student association said the matches had been produced as part of their struggle against Nkrumah. He denied reports that the Association had ordered tins of sardines with Dr Busia's picture on them (the tins).
(West Africa, 23 August 1969, page 985)


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