Oh well ... hmmm ... I'm back!?

I just realised that I have neglected this blog for almost three years! Time truly is running away with me. If there is still anybody out there actually following this: I do apologise. However, dear sole remaining reader, the truth is that I have always used this blog to organise my own thoughts and ideas for myself rather than for your benefit. As a result, it was easy to forget about this blog when I abandoned social media two years ago.
Recently, though I have started to reach out again, I have returned to Facebook, I follow my Twitter feed again (I never did much post there, other than reposting. Twitter, for me, was always little more than a convenient and individualised version of a 'news' service, to be honest.) and so the next logical step was to return to this blog. Even more so since a while ago I started working on a research project that returns me to looking in Nigerian artistic practices. So, I may try to use this space again to organise my thoughts or to dumb some of the rather curious but not quite relevant bits of information that one tends to stumble across in the course of research in archives and the likes. So, watch me trying (if you're actually out there) … otherwise, in Allah ya yarda, writing here will once again help me to develop my thoughts, yes, on Nigerian lorry decorations again.
Oh, yes, did I mention that said research project is concerned with Nigerian lorry decorations again? It is. And, that's great. Now, let's hope that it gets my creative juices flowing again. … Oh, and on that note, the first topic that we're working on seems rather fun, or so I think: Cowboys.
So, if you're actually out there, dear sole reader, watch this space and let me convince you that Nigerian lorry arts and in particular illustrations of the cowboy theme can be interesting and, actually, fun. And, even if you're not out there, forgive me for pretending you are – I find writing easier if I imagine an interested audience out there beyond specialised academic journals.


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