Another 'Portrait' of Usman dan Fodio

Here is another photograph that is presented as a portrait of Usman dan Fodio.

(Source: Slideplayer)

I found this one because it was used in a student's PowerPoint presentation that somebody uploaded to the web. Whether these students are at secondary school or undergraduates I cannot tell from the website. But, I hope they are not at university because, once again, there is no information here about the origin of the photograph. – Don't students these days learn that they have to reference their sources, including their image sources? 

(Source: Slideplayer)
 Anyway, this one is particularly puzzling. I don't know if I am being prejudiced here but to me the man in the picture, the one on the horse does not look Nigerian at all. What do you think? It puzzles me even more since the same presentation in another slide includes this 'portrait' drawing of Usman dan Fodio that I have already mentioned here a few days ago.

(Source: Slideplayer)


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