Everyday Nigeria with 'Everyday Africa' and Helon Habila

More photography from Nigeria, this time iPhone and instagram images selected by and with comments by Helon Habila
‘… when Mr. Habila looks at American newspapers, magazines or Web sites, the photos he sees give at best only a partial view of the Nigeria he knows. Most photographers come to the country either to show poverty or political violence … When he was approached to help choose and comment on smartphone photos of ordinary life in Nigeria for the Instagram feed “Everyday Africa,” he reacted enthusiastically, since the photos evoked many memories. “They showed people just being people, without the intention, without the politics, without the biases — whether it’s positive bias or negative bias,” he said. “It’s just people as they are, and I think that’s the way people should be seen, wherever they come from. Not idealized, not debased, but just people.”’
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