AAF Lagos: Call for Entries for LagosPhoto 2011

African Artists Foundation just published this call for entries.


In 2010 the first - ever photographic festival in Nigeria took place: LagosPhoto. It was very successful, with over 25 participating photographers, several indoor and outdoor exhibitions, and countless visitors who experienced the wide variation in photographic practice represented: fine art, photojournalism, amateur, professional showcased in Lagos for over two months.

The African Artists’ Foundation (AAF), initiator and organizer of LagosPhoto, is now launching a call for entries for the next edition of the festival, to be held in October 2011.

As with the previous edition, the main theme of the festival remains ‘No Judgment, Africa Under the Prism.’ Within this theme we are looking for the Hidden Stories of Africa as a sub theme to further guide our selection. Photographers from all nationalities and backgrounds are called upon to submit their stories for consideration to be included in the festival. We are interested in all sorts of stories: positive, negative, objective and subjective. Stories that show a side of Africa we are not used to seeing in the current media. The theme does not indicate a bias towards a photojournalistic approach but rather a sort of guide towards today’s contemporary image culture especially in Africa. Photographic style and approach are very important in the selection process.


Please read the guidelines below for submission carefully before submitting your work for consideration.

Guidelines for submissions for LagosPhoto 2011

LagosPhoto / AAF calls on photographers and curators to submit their work or proposals for LagosPhoto

1. When can I submit my work for the LagosPhoto 2011?

We welcome proposals submitted by 20 March 2011.

2. Who is invited to send in work?

We welcome work and proposals by professional photographers, photography curators and institutions from all over the world.

  1. What kind of work can I submit?

LagosPhoto 2011 wants to show the Hidden Stories of Africa, and any photographic story that is connected to this theme may be entered. Besides traditional photographic essays we welcome photographic art projects, and photography based multimedia presentations.

  1. What complementary information do I need to add to my submission?

The work should be accompanied by:

* C.V. with contact details (in English)

* a short and clear description of the series/project (word/pdf) (in English)

NB. Sending in a specific series is far better than just giving us a web address where the series is to be found.

  1. How many series and photographs can I submit?

We have no guideline for the amount of series or photos that can be submitted. Stories need to be edited to relevance; we suggest a maximum of 25 images for one story.

  1. What are the technical specifications?

* We only accept material submitted through DVD, CD-ROM or email (10 Mb max.)

* Digital files should be provided at high quality and at a resolution of at least 1000x1500 pixels. Images through email preferably in JPEG format.

* Always save files in RGB or grayscale mode, not as CMYK. If color management is used, please include the color profiles in the image files.

* Your work should be sent as separate image files, no PDF or Word files. Powerpoint, Director, MPEG files (and such) or video DVDs may only be used when concerning a multimedia presentation that cannot be presented otherwise. Even then send some separate images (stills) in addition.

* Submissions will not be returned.

7. When can I expect a response on my submission?

Please do not expect a quick reply. We will moest probably receive hundreds of submissions and they will take some time to process. Please rest assured that everything we receive will be carefully looked at and that everyone will receive an answer.

8. How can I submit my work?

All submissions can be sent to our office in Nigeria via email or post:

Lagos Photo 2011 - African Artists’ Foundation

54 Raymond Njoku Street

Off Awolowo Road





You are also free to send in your work by a file-sharing service like yousendit.com or wetransfer.com

9. How will my work be presented, if selected?

LagosPhoto is not able to ship or show any original artwork under its responsibility. All selected work will be produced under the auspices of the AAF / LagosPhoto. By submitting work you agree to these guidelines.

10. Will I be invited to Lagos for the opening ceremony?

If you are selected to participate in the festival, we will do our utmost to pay for a trip and stay in Lagos for the opening ceremony, however this is not a guarantee. You are of course invited to the opening ceremony and additional program as an exhibiting artist.



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