First Episode of Bino and Fino

The first episode of Bino and Fino, the Nigerian produced children’s animation series has been published on Youtube – and timely (not like me being a week behind here) this episode explains the occasion of the recent independence celebrations. It explains, for children, of course, colonial rule and the struggle (well, for the sake of kid’s understanding they make it sound a bit less of a struggle) for independence. Enjoy!!! ... And follow EVCL's (Abuja) further work on the cartoon series on their blog.


  1. Hi Katrin.
    I just wanted to say thanks for posting the episode on your blog. I’ve always popped in and out for a read ever since I discovered it doing research. And then found out that you know my old classmate Paula.All the best.

  2. @ Adamu

    thx, I've been having an eye out for your work ever since Paula told me about you and your studio ... and I really enjoy that episode!


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