Triangle Artists Workshop

Once again let me just quickly pass on something that came into my inbox, this time via African Colours (a bit more than two more weeks until I need to get that PhD printed, bound and submitted so don’t expect anything more elaborate for now):

Triangle Artists Workshop

The two-week workshop will bring together a group of artists working in various disciplines to share ideas, experiences and to make new work inspired by the context and the opportunity to work alongside other artists. Approximately 18 artists will participate in the workshop, half from Nigeria and the rest from other countries in Africa and further afield.

During the workshop, participants will also be invited to present their work to each other and to the public. The workshop will end with an Open Day, when the public will join the artists in celebrating the outcome of the two weeks.

Financial conditions:

The workshop will provide the successful applicants with full lodging and food, working space, local transportation and a small material stipend. International artists will be able to apply to have their international travel covered by the workshop.

Procedure for applications and deadline:

All candidates must apply using the application form below and submit all the required documents listed in the form. Closing date for applications is 18th September 2010. The completed application forms and required documents should be sent by e-mail to


CCA Lagos / Triangle Artists Workshop - Nigeria

October 4 -17 2010, Lagos

Please allow for travel time, as such we recommend that artists arrive in Lagos no later than the morning of 4th October. *It is essential that you are available for the full workshop dates.


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