The Final Countdown

Five more days to work on my thesis. Actually, four more days. I guess I should get it printed and bound at least one day before I need to submit. To be on the safe side. Kind of. It's a nightmare. I’m writing in MS Word (that’s what we got on our PCs here at the uni) and ever since I inserted my illustrations the programme regularly crashes, usually when I’m trying to save the work of the last (by now, I’m trying to play it safe) ten to fifteen minutes. That’s exactly what it did just a minute ago. And, I can’t help worrying that technology will boycott until the end. It's a nightmare. But, yeah, it's the final countdown, right?

(Sorry, as far as I know no Nigerian band has ever covered the song, so we’ll make to with the original even though it so doesn’t fit into the theme of this blog as it fits the theme of this last, final week!)


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