More Beautiful Posters from Kano

Exciting find. If you are me that is. If you are me and terribly excited about the repeatedly mentioned religious posters from Kano. At Marifah.Net there are some gorgeously beautiful photographs. I’m particularly excited about the one depicting wall murals of Tijani sheikhs inside a house in Kano. I have some qualms republishing it here. I have been at this particular sheikh’s house in Kano with my friend Nura in summer 2008. I asked permission to photograph the murals but was politely asked not to take a photo. But I’m terribly excited about stumbling across it on the net. I’m amazed by the beauty of these murals. But instead, let me republish a photograph of a poster on the site which I too think is terribly fascinating. It's a poster made for sale so I’m more comfortable publishing it.

In this regard a short plea for help: Pls. I tried to contact the people behind that website but my messages via the contact page don’t seem to have gone through. If anybody has advice on how to get in touch pls. let me know. Basically, to get permission to publish the photograph of the wall murals here and to use it as an illustration in my PhD.

This aside, I should probably use this blog post as an opportunity to wish everybody ‘Barka da Azumi’ before I head straight back into proof reading and revising my thesis.


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