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This is the other article I had been thinking about, the other article promoting contemporary African Arts as an investment: The Financial Times’ How to Spend It section from 7 November 2007.

‘… A look around the art world’s major events and museum in the recent years demonstrates the upward mobility of contemporary African art. Within the past couple of years Tate Modern has hosted a show of Hlobo’s work and also shown pieces by artists such as the Malian Seydou Keita. Contemporary African [art] survey shows appear at the Guggenheim Bilbao and The Nelson Atkin’s Museum of Art, Kansa. […] But it was really Africa Remix, which toured museums from 2004 to 2007 […], that garnered most attention. […] Most of these artists had shown internationally before but Africa Remix brought them together as a powerful overview of voices from the continent. ‘Interest in African art has been increasing since about 19993,” says Elisabeth Lalouschek, artistic director of London’s October Gallery, an early representative of now big-name African artists such as Hazoume and Ghana’s El Anatsui, “but we’ve really noticed a surge in the post three or four years, both in curatorial interest and in prices.” …’

So, this is the context in which the above article and the rising prices for Ben Enwonwu’s works mentioned by the economist need to be considered.


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