That should have gone into the other post but hey, manipulating the publishing dates it should still go below it :P … Anyway, if you’re in London and have time – that sounds interesting:

David Adjaye: Urban Africa.

31 March – 05 September

Design Museum, London, Shad Thames, London SE1 2YD,

"An epic act of homage to a continent"

One of the leading architects of his generation, David Adjaye has stepped out of his regular line of work to photograph and document key cities in Africa as part of an ongoing project to study new patterns of urbanism. Often regarded as a continent defined by underdevelopment, poverty, war and tourism, through this exhibition Adjaye presents Africa in a different light, examining the buildings and places which have a special resonance with his preoccupations as an architect.

This detailed survey reveals a unique snapshot of urban Africa today, documenting the nature of city life in a developing continent: a unique geo-cultural survey profiling the African city in a global context.

(Observer, Sunday 11 April 2010)

His recent programme on the BBC Building Africa: Architecture of a Continent is unfortunately not even available on the IPlayer anymore and I couldn’t find a YouTube video either. Anyway, there are some pictures on the BBC Website. Also, here’s an interview with him:


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