Research Seminars in the Art and Archaeology of Africa and the Americas

Department of Art and Archaeology

SOAS-University of London

2-23 March 2010

Tuesdays, 5-7 pm

Room B104

Convenor: Dr. Tania Tribe (

2 March - John Mellors and Anne Parsons (AHRC researchers/Anglo-Ethiopian Society): The Painters of Adet, Northern Ethiopia

9 March - Joost Hagen (Leiden University): Kings, Bishops, Doorkeepers and Saints: An introduction to Qasr Ibrim and Christian Nubia

16 March - Prof Mark Horton (University of Bristol): The Archaeology of Islam in Eastern Africa

23 March - Dr Kevin MacDonald: (Institute of Archaeology, UCL) Investigating Sorotomo: the Oral History and Archaeology of a Malian Capital

All Welcome


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