Interview with Ken George, author of Picturing Islam, on Inside Islam: Dialogues and Debate – a blog under the auspices of the University of Wisconsin I newly discovered. Here the video of the part of the interview that touches on art for a bit of background and the rest of the interview cf. the Inside Islam blog’s entry.

Btw, there is also an interview with Prof. Anderson Sutton on Music and Islam in an earlier entry. Sorry, looks like I cannot embed the audio file, so you might want to listen to it on the blog’s page. There you’ll also find audio files of Indonesian Muslim music. For everyone like me interested in Nigeria also a quick reminder the Veit Erlmann has published an analysis of Usman dan Fodio’s thoughts on music.


  1. Also, Depicting the Prophet: A Reaction to Yale UP's Decision Not to RePublish the Danish Cartoons in Jytte Klaussen's Book



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