News from Kano & Babylon International

Some interesting news from the Goethe Institut Liaison Office in Kano:

D’Beat Africa Art & Entertainment

In today's newsletter we want to draw your attention to a project of a group of young ambitious web designers based in Kano, Nigeria: d’Beat Africa Art & Entertainment provides a web platform where talented gems of African art can showcase their talent online, it's platform promotes upcoming art, artists, models, designers, and any other form of entertainment.

Check and you will find also a lot of information about ongoing projects of the Kano Liaison Office of Goethe-Institut Nigeria.
Watch a short film produced by young filmmakers of Northern Nigeria at a workshop conducted by German film director Till Passow at Kano Liaison Office in August 2009: "9ja Power. The Power of Nigeria".

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Also, BABYLON, a European programme set up to provide a forum for European ‘minority’ film makers to ‘speak to each other and to the widest international audience, providing access and inclusion’ is extending its scope to West Africa:

EUROPE MEETS AFRICA: Babylon International launches its 2010 programme with a major new initiative linking filmmakers across continents.

In a major new initiative funded by the European Union’s MEDIA International and the Nigerian Film Corporation, European filmmakers will have the opportunity to work together with African colleagues on script and story development, production technique, and access to the international marketplace via BABYLON’s network of industry consultants, funders, international sales agents and distributors.

Workshops based in the Netherlands and Nigeria will develop fourteen selected projects from outline or first draft phase, seven each from West Africa and from Europe. The selected producers and writer-directors will meet on both continents to compare working notes, to share creative aims through the development of their projects and to expand their industrial networks across two continents.

Building on the successful model established over its first three years, BABYLON will retain and expand its European workshops while adding a crucial new phase in West Africa.

The first workshop will be held in Europe during the International Film Festival Rotterdam (Jan 30th-February 4th); the second in Africa at the Nigerian Film Institute in Jos culminating with a presentation during the Zuma film festival in Abuja (April 27th - May 5th).

Developing its founding purpose of uniting filmmakers of Europe's diasporic minorities in the search for new voices and new markets, BABYLON invites all interested European filmmakers to spearhead a new European approach to other audiovisual cultures by forging film communities with their colleagues in West Africa, who are cordially invited to share their talent and experience with the film industries of Europe.

All European and West African filmmakers with a proven interest in working cross-continentally are invited to submit their proposed projects to BABYLON by Friday November 27th 2009.

Call for Projects

· Applications must be submitted electronically and by post by November 27th 2009

· A reading committee will study the submitted material and recommend a shortlist

· The shortlist will be debated by the active co-producers

· Fourteen projects will be selected, each to be represented by a producer/writer-director duo

· The successful fourteen projects will be notified by December 18th 2009 (with four standby places retained for confirmation by January 8th)

· Preparatory workshops for European candidates will be announced shortly

· Two places will be reserved for professional observers without project wishing to accompany the workshop (eg distributor/script editor/film administrator etc)

· The charge per individual participant will be Euros 500

· All tuition fees and materials are included in the cost

· Hotel accommodation, breakfast and lunch are included on workshop days, plus certain dinners by invitation

· Participants are responsible for booking and paying for their own flight/rail transport and for local transport costs. Scholarships towards the cost of flights are available on request.


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