Junior Research Fellowships @ Oxford

As I’m having the question of what to do after the PhD at the back of my mind, here one option I’ve just stumbled across and thought one or the other of you might be interested to apply.

Junior Research Fellowships

Christ Church, Merton College and St John's College Oxford

The Governing Bodies of the three colleges propose to elect in co-operation up to thirteen Junior Research Fellows, in Arts and Science, according to an agreed allocation of subjects between the colleges. The current salary is £20,834. The fellowships are open to men and women and are tenable from 1st October 2010.

Research Fellows are expected to undertake original research in some branch of arts, science or education. They may, with the permission of the appropriate Governing Body, undertake a limited amount of teaching. Depending upon their field of study, successful candidates will be based primarily at Christ Church, Merton or St John’s College.

The fellowships are normally awarded to those who are approaching the end of their doctoral research or who have begun postdoctoral study. The successful candidate must have a good Honours degree (either First or 2:1), or an equivalent qualification. They must also have research expertise in their chosen field as demonstrated by a completed doctoral thesis and/or published or forthcoming books, or articles in refereed journals, as relevant to the candidate’s field; or promise of such achievement, as relevant to the candidate’s field.

Application Forms and Further Particulars (including details of the allocation of subjects) are available. The closing date for applications is 12 noon on Friday 11th December 2009.

The colleges concerned are committed to conducting themselves as equal opportunities employers (details can be found in the further particulars).

Here the list of the available subjects for which applications are invited. I’ve marked those readers of this blog would most likely be interested:

List A Christ Church College: Modern History, Chemistry, Archaeology, Engineering, Music, Biology, Geography, Anthropology

List B Merton College: Philosophy, Physics, Politics, Computer Science, Economics, Biochemistry, Literae Humaniores, Materials Science, Theology, Geology, Oriental Studies

List C St John’s College: English, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Physiology & Medicine, Art History, Psychology, Law, Sociology

If you choose to apply: Good luck!


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