West AFrica Theatre and Performing Arts Journal invites articles

And, another announcement that just came in via Email, well, yesterday but I wasn’t online yesterday … wondering whether they’d include anything about film? That involves performance as well, doesn’t it? …


Articles are hereby invited from scholars, researchers, theatre administrators, critics and practitioners, for publication in the newly established bi-annual journal, the West Africa Theatre and Performing Arts Journal on any of the following topics:

1. Theory ,principles ,concepts and practice of West African drama/ theatre/performances etc

2. Rites , rituals and festival performances in West Africa

3. Theatre for development in West Africa

4. Critical review of drama and theatre performances in West Africa

5. Films , videos, television and cinematography

6. Performing Arts management and business in West Africa

7. Costumes, props and make-up

8. Technical theatre: sound, lighting, scenic design and construction etc

9. Directing, acting, choreography, and play writing

10. Theatre In education

11. Children’s theatre in West Africa

12. African music, dance and instrumentation

13. Gender and West African Theatre

ABSTRACTS: Not more than two hundred words with contact details; e-mail address / telephone numbers.


Prof. E.O Kofoworola

The Editor –in-Chief

West African Theatre and Performing Arts Journal (WATPAJO)

Performing Arts Department

University of Ilorin

Ilorin, Nigeria

Email: zikykofo@yahoo.com or zikozi@unilorin.edu.ng

Dr Victor Yankah

West African Theatre and Performing Arts Journal (WATPAJO)

Theatre Studies Department

University of Cape Coast

Cape Coast, Ghana

Email : yanvick@yahoo.co.uk or victor.yankah@gmail.com


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