Oil, Power & Politics in Nigeria

For the politically interested blog readers that happen to be in London, not sure I’ll make it but if yes I let you know how it went:

Oil, Power & Politics in Nigeria

Wednesday 28th October, 6pm

Committee Room 9, Houses of Parliament, London SW1A 0AA


Michael Peel (Author, A Swamp Full of Dollars, Former FT correspondent)

Dr Raufu Mustapha (University of Oxford)

Patrick Smith (tbc) (Africa Confidential)


John Robertson MP (Nigeria All Party Parliamentary Group)

Nigeria is a country where petroleum and polio have both boomed, where small villages challenge giant oil companies, and scooter drivers run their own mini-state. It is a success story waiting to happen, but most ordinary Nigerians remain poor while a corrupt elite has looted its riches and controlled its politics. Next year Nigeria will have been independent for 50 years. Many Nigerians may not feel there has been much to celebrate, and the common criticism of the current administration will likely remain – too little has been done. Our panel of experts will analyse whether the present reforms of the banking sector and the proposed reform of the oil sector are radical enough to set Nigeria on a different path, economically and politically.

Space is limited. RSVP is essential: ras_research@soas.ac.uk / 020 3073 8337 for information

Organised by the Royal African Society, in association with the Africa All Party Parliamentary Group and the Nigeria All Party Parliamentary Group


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