German Reggae met Hausa Music @ the Goethe Institute in Kano

News from the Goethe Institute in Kano – seems like they’re being productive and enjoying themselves over zobo and suya while I’m slaving away at my computer here at the (freezing) computer lab at SOAS – which btw is where I’ll got to conduct my work for the next time: yesterday my computer bag slipped, now the laptop’s screen’s gone black on me and I can’t access any of my files nor use do my writing on it in the cosiness of the post grad common room (warmer and lots of hot tea around). That also means that, for the moment being, I cannot share with you the pictures of yesterday’s free concert here at SOAS: Mamane Barka from Niger, accompanied by his colleague Oumarou taking care of percussions, played the Biram and sang in, among other languages, in Hausa! It was amazingly beautiful music but made me incredibly sad. My friends might wonder what’s so special about Nigeria, my parents might be worried at the thought of me returning but I miss Kano and Maiduguri! – Anyway, that’s me getting off the track again: Here is

German Reggae meets Hausa Music

This is the short of a feature length film of which I hope Frank will tell me sometime soon when and where it will be aired. And yes, sorry, no embedding, a link only. The Goethe Institute seems to have disabled those functions.

And, btw., if you’re interested in what they’re doing, let me know and I pass on your email address to Frank. He’ll put you on the mailing list for his newsletter. This time it contained the Gidan Bi Minista News, i.e. writing of the participants of a journalism workshop on topics such as ‘The Impact of the ASUU Strike on Lecturers’ by Hussaina Said Bichi and Hajara Umar Sanda or ‘Nigerian Girls and Forced Marriage’ by Zainab Shuaibo Rabo.


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