Cartooning in Africa & the latest African Colours Newletter

Just stumbled across this page about cartooning in Africa … You will mainly find a collection of works by selected cartoonists from a range of countries, Nigeria among others. The man behind this project is Tejumola Olaniyan of the University of Wisconsin whose email in case you’re interested in further information or came across a really good cartoon in an African paper and got it scanned in can be found on the homepage.

On that note, John Lent who has published a book about cartooning in Africa also runs the International Journal of Comic Art, here the link to the journal's blog. This is the link to Lent's earlier book on cartoooning in Africa, Australia and Latin America via Google Books. There are more books by him, I think one on amination in Asia and the Pacific among others ...

Also, the latest African Colours Newsletter contained some reviews of the The 4th World Summit On Arts & Culture In Johannesburg which you can find on the African Colours website.


  1. on that note there's an article in Next Mag on Pax Nigeriana - an online graphic novel if I understand right ... here's the link to the article:

    here's their website

  2. Keep on rollin' your work is wonderfull!

  3. I love the typical calabash at the sites background, We call them " Mangara ".
    Unfortunately, most of these arts is been lost today.

  4. Well done, this is a great blog. it's good to see all this positive info about Nigeria, especially the Northern part. Hope you got your PhD by now!


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