ASA Annunal Meeting @ New Orleans

The complete programme is also downloadable in pdf format at the ASA website. But here it is as well ... Hope there are not (major) mistakes ... The Annual Meeting is divided into eleven (11) sessions over four days:

Session I Thursday, November 19 12:45 P.M. - 2:45 P.M.
Session II Thursday, November 19 3:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Session III Friday, November 20 8:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M.
Session IV Friday, November 20 10:15 A.M. - 12:15 P.M.
Session V Friday, November 20 2:45 P.M. - 4:45 P.M.
Session VI Friday, November 20 5:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.
Session VII Saturday, November 21 9:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.
Session VIII Saturday, November 21 11:15 A.M . - 1:15 P.M.
Session IX Saturday, November 21 3:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Session X Sunday, November 22 9:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M

(I-J1) Mande Social Theory and Aesthetic Values

Chair: Candace Keller, Independent Scholar

Craig Tower, Loyola U Chicago, Hard, Fast, and Loud: Balani Music, Mande Aesthetics and the Production of Minority Modernity in Mali

Cullen B. Strawn, Indiana U, Kunfè Ko: Uncertainty in Malian Wasulu Hunters’ Music Performance and Hunting

Stephen R. Wooten, U of Oregon, The Aesthetics of Bamana Expressive Agri-Culture

Khadidiatou Gueye, U of Wisconsin Oshkosh, The Divination of Destiny and the Destiny of Divination in Dani Kouyaté’s Keïta, L’héritage Du Griot

(I-M1) Antiquities Trade, Repatriation, and Community Action to Heritage Losses in Africa

Chair: Chapurukha M. Kusimba, The Field Museum

Linda L. Giles, Illinois Wesleyan U, The Legacy of Two Repatriated Ancestor Statues: Implications and Issues

Monica L. Udvardy, U of Kentucky, The Rising Tide of Cultural Property Repatriation: Who Is Doing What For Whom And Why?

Peter R. Schmidt, U of Florida, Heritage Engagement inside African Communities: Intangible Heritage and the Western Scholar

(I-N1) Globalization of Popular Culture

Chair: Ruti Talmor, Haverford College

Ruti Talmor, Haverford College, Transnational Art Markets and the Quest for Change Among Ghanaian Youth

Matthew Warne, Brown U, Kuduro Music and Contemporary Luanda

James P. Mokhiber, U of New Orleans, Virtual Souqs and Internet Artisans: Colonial Echoes in the Representing and Marketing of North African Arts and Crafts Online

(I-N2) Nollywood Reconsidered

Chair: John C. McCall, Southern Illinois U

Matthew H. Brown, U of Wisconsin-Madison, Osuofia Don Enta Discourse:Global Nollywood and the Politics of Identity in African Film

Frank N. Ukadike, The Tulane U, Revisioning History: Nollywood and African Film Criticism

John C. McCall, Southern Illinois U, Carbondale, The Invisible Movie Industry: Nollywood’s Africa and Why It Matters

(II-B6) Purchase, Imitation, Trick or Swindle: Mechanisms of Cultural Diffusion from the Niger to the Cameroon Grassfields

*Chair: Eli Bentor, Appalachian State U

Ivor L. Miller, Boston U, Comparative Ekpe Ngbe Symbols in the Cross River Basin

Amanda Carlson, U of Hartford, Copying Carnival: A Trinidadian Tradition in Calabar

Jordan A. Fenton, U of Florida, The Shaping Force of Cultural Diffusion: The Case of Mgbe among the Qua-Ejagham of Calabar

David Pratten, Oxford U, Transmission and Transgression in Contemporary Annang Masking

(II-N3) Land and Landscape in Contemporary African Art [Organized by the Arts Council of the ASA (ACASA)]

Chair: Leora Maltz-Leca, RISD

Leora Maltz-Leca, RISD, Paul Stopforth: Beached Relics and the Countries of the Past

Gemma F. Rodrigues, Harvard U, Going Forward to the Old Ways: Topoi of Land Reform in Contemporary Zimbabwean Art

*Herbert M. Cole, UCSB, The Multivalence of Igbo Earth in Art and Life

(III-B11) The Slave Past in the Present: Tradition, Memory and Heritage in Brazil, Europe and West Africa

Chair: Ana Lucia Araujo, Howard U

Ana Lucia Araujo, Howard U, Crossing Histories, Conflicting Memories: Representing the Slave past
in Brazil and Benin

Kimberly Cleveland, Georgia State U, Appropriation and the Body: (Re)Presentation in Contemporary Afro-Brazilian Art

Markus Balkenhol, Vrije Universiteit, The Slave Past in the Present Metropole. Memory work on Slavery in the Netherlands

Marie Rodet, U of Vienna, Identity Reconstruction and Memory of Slavery in the Rebel Villages of the Region of Kayes, French Soudan (1890-1940)

Alessandra Brivio, Università Milano Bicocca, Modernity and Tradition: Vodu Dynamics in Bénin

(IV-M4) Collecting the Congo: Acquisition, Categorization and Contested Possession of Congolese Material Culture

Chair: Sarah Van Beurden, U of Pennsylvania

John M. Janzen, U of Kansas, Postcolonial Collecting in Lower Congo: Categories, Perspectives, and Negotiations

Sarah Van Beurden, U of Pennsylvania, The Kuba Controversy: the Zairian Institute of National Museums and its Contested Possession of Royal Kuba Art (1970-1990)

Allen F. Roberts, U of California, Los Angeles, Of Severed Heads and Stolen Statues: Collecting the Congo, 1883-1885

(V-B23) Representing the Past: History and Memory in Africa and the Diaspora

Chair: Elizabeth L. MacGonagle, U of Kansas

Elizabeth L. MacGonagle, U of Kansas, Imagining the Past at Great Zimbabwe

Anna M. Dempsey, U of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Spectacular Spaces: Museums of the African Diaspora and the Representation of the Middle Passage

Sophie Mew, SOAS, From Colonial, National to Global Museums: Their Trajectories and Roles in Mali and Ghana.

(V-O4) Transformations in the Management of Death, Divination, and Witchcraft

Chair: Andre A. Wellington, Emory U

Rebekah Lee, Goldsmiths, U of London, Mobility, Migration and the Changing Management of Death in South Africa

Scott M. Edmondson, UCLA, Nana Okomfo Kasa: Responses from the Demonized Religious Others to Ghanaian Christians

Andre A. Wellington, Emory U, Ethnomedicalization in Adam Ashforth’s Madumo: A Man Bewitched: Witchcraft, Sangomas, Muthi and other Distractions in Post-Apartheid South

*Susan Cooksey, U of Florida, From Altar to Anthill: Transformations of Sacred Ceramic Vessels in Southern Burkina Faso

Change: Researching Artistic Form in Africa and the African Diaspora

Chair: Jill Flanders Crosby, U of Alaska-Anchorage

Jill Flanders Crosby, U of Alaska-Anchorage, Secrets Under the Skin: Dancing at the Edge of the Sacred

Brian Jeffery, U of Alaska Anchorage, Artistic Dialogue and Exchange Through Movement Michele Moss, U of Calgary, Dynamic Realities of Traditional Dance: Les Ballets Africans

(VI-M9) Performing Africa in New Orleans: Diasporic Dialogue, Ambivalence, Activism

Chair: Cynthia J. Becker, Boston U

Helen A. Regis, Louisiana State U, (Re)Producing Africa: White Utopias and Black Power at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

*Cynthia J. Becker, Boston U, From the Backstreets to Mainstreet: the Transition of Mardi Gras Indians from Street Performers to Afrocentric Artists

Rachel S. Breunlin, U of New Orleans, The Pan-African Imagination at the House of Dance & Feathers
Felipe Smith, African and African Diaspora Studies Program, No More of That Dignity Stuff!: Africa and the Public Transcript of New Orleans Festivity

(VI-M12) The Heritage Industry in Africa

Chair: Rachel F. Giraudo, U of California-Berkeley

Rachel F. Giraudo, U of California-Berkeley, Those People: Community Involvement in Heritage Management and Tourism

Peter M. Probst, Tufts U, The Heritage Industry as an Image Machine: Experiences and Insights from Africa.

Lindsay M. Weiss, Columbia U, Heritage is Our Gold

Beverley Butler, U College London, The Post-Heritage Industry? - Alternative and Parallel Visions of Cultural Revival and Preservation

(VIII-F25) AfricaMap (Harvard U) [Sponsored by the ASA Board of Directors]

Chair: Joseph C. Miller, U of Virginia

Suzanne Preston Blier, Harvard U

Ben Lewis, Harvard U

(X-B41) Mande Studies at the Crossroads, Panel I [Organized by the Mande Studies Association (MANSA)]

Chair: Barbara Hoffman, Cleveland State U

Kassim Kone, SUNY Cortland, Kassim Kone, SUNY Cortland, Kassim Kone, SUNY Cortland, Is Mande Anthropology Post-Colonial Yet?

*Patrick R. McNaughton, Indiana U, Mande Art Studies Transforming Into the Future
David C. Conrad, Mande Studies Association, Can a Fula be a Komotigi?: Entreprenurial Sorcery in Baté, Guinea

(XI-B47) Mande Studies at the Crossroads, Panel II

Chair: Kassim Kone, SUNY-Cortland

Dolores B. Koenig, American U, Development Studies in the Mande Region

Saidou N’Daou, Chicago State U, Manden Studies: History of Manden Politics of Power and Academic Perceptions

Susan K. McIntosh, Rice U, The Archaeology of Towns, Trade and Empire in the Northern Mande Area: Research Since 1995


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