Artists Workhop in Ghana July 2010

I’ve finally got around to getting myself on the mailing list of one of the professional discussion groups/forums and here comes the first gem which I’ll also email to my Nigerian artist/art education contact (they probably know anyway, well connected as they are but you never know …). Hope that’s of any use to anybody out there!

An artists' workshop that will be held in Ghana in July of 2010. The workshop will be hosted by Cross Cultural Collaborative, Inc. - an educational non-profit that encourages interaction between creative people from different cultures. The workshop will be held from July 11-24 outside of Accra, Ghana and will bring together artists, designers, and indigenous and contemporary potters from around the world.

The workshop will be facilitated by Barbara Allen, an American potter and Kwao Adipah, a Ghanaian educator.

The workshop itinerary will include:

* a visit to Vume, a traditional pottery village made famous by Michael Cardew

* a visit to a contemporary ceramic studio

* an opportunity to fire and build a paper kiln

* visits to galleries and museums

* a rare opportunity to work with indigenous house painters from northern Ghana.

Inquiries can be made to:, also cf.


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