ART ENCLOSURES - Residencies for visiting international artists in Venice

This came today via Facebook … It's tight, I know but maybe its still of use to somebody!?

ART ENCLOSURES - Residencies for visiting international artists in Venice:

Call for Applications (2009 – 2010)

The Fondazione di Venezia is pleased to announce the second phase of the residency program Art Enclosures which began in 2008 in cooperation with Polymnia Venezia and the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in Venice, with the aim of building bridges between local realities and contemporary arts production from abroad.

The upcoming residency will take place in Venice from 20th January to 20th April 2010.

The project consists in a three-month residency period offering a series of activities and an opportunity for visibility to two emerging artists under 40 from the African continent.

Application deadline: 7 November 2009

We would be grateful if you could assist us in informing of this opportunity all the artists that may be interested in applying to our project.

Attached please find the letter that explains the open call in greater detail.

For more information please contact:

Fondazione Bevilaqua La Masa

Mara Ambrozic

Dorsoduro 2826 / 30123 Venezia

t. + 39 041 5207797 / f. +39 041 5208955

m. +39 329 2024596

Fondazione di Venezia

Marco Zavagno

Dorsoduro 3488/U / 30123 Venezia

t. + 39 041 2201253 / f. + 39 041 2201239


  1. Forgot to post the link to the call for applications, here it is in case somebody needs it:



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