On the Blogs: Orientalism, Culture and Appropriation

Been around the blogosphere again and, following a completely different thread I stumbled across this … Okay, this might not be completely hitting the nail on the top topic-wise but I think this might provide some interesting introductory reading with regard to representations and appropriations of the ethnic and cultural Other (Africa, Middle East etc.) in Western art and culture (and I guess, similar studies could be undertaken vice versa?). It’s online; it’s free; considers the re-appropriation of the stereotype back at the place of origin and covers examples from colonial into contemporary (popular) culture. It’s a blog post of course and no academic compendium. Consider it an introduction and make amble use of the links and, if you have access, the literature references.

So, for a start and quick introduction check out Farah’s three part series of blog posts on Orientalism, Culture and Appropriation at Nuseiba. [this links you through to part I, here you find part II, The Translation of Orientalism into the Vernacular, and part III on Re-Constituting the Orient: Punks, Muslims and Harem Pants]


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