7 Post-graduate Scholarships For Nigerians Only!

I ‘just’ received this message from the British Council via Facebook and thought I republish it here so in case anybody interested might be reading this:

Hello everyone,

Now this is really big and quite simple for every aspiring post-graduate mind to participate in.

We are celebrating our 75th anniversary, and in Nigeria, we are doing so with a competition we have called INNOVATION 360.

Innovation 360 is a competition designed to discover innovative minds across Nigeria; people who have the kind of ideas that will help solve challenging problems and move the country the next step up. If you’ve got what it takes, then get involved and join us on this adventure of creative discovery.


7 people will at the end of the competition enjoy scholarships to pursue their post-graduate degrees in 7 UK Universities. The package covers:

- Your Tution Fee.

- Your Accomodation.

- Your Flight Ticket (to and fro).

PLEASE NOTE: You must be an adult above 18 and resident in Nigeria to qualify.

NOW FOR ALL THE DETAILS, PLEASE VISIT: http://www.britishcouncil.org/nigeria-innovation-360.htm



  1. This is a great opportunity for great minds to get world class education for greater contribution.

    But I wish to confirm in what area of National development are we to present our proposal? (Politic or Economics, Private Business Initiative or Public Accountability Initiative)


  2. @ Aileon:

    sorry that I can't provide you with more information on this. As I wrote in the post, I just reposted that for the sake of further distribution. I'm not associated with them ...

    I can only refer you to the above mentioned website again, contact details are at the bottom of the page ... or, don't know where you're based, but popping into the next BC office might be useful as well?

    Sorry, that I can't help you any further ...



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