On Procrastination and the Occasional Online Illustration Gem

I’m still writing on my chapter about the religious chromolithographs I collected in Kano in 2008 – yes, no further comment pls. I already now that I’m being terribly slow here and horribly behind schedule. Let’s just hope the results will make up for the embarrassment I’m feeling about this … But hey, I’m actually writing because I wanted to post a link here that might be of interest to those of you out there who share my excitement about popular religious prints:

I haven’t yet checked out that site in any detail but looks like somebody at Bergen University is actually conducting research into popular Muslim iconography … at first sight, I’d think with particular regard to Shiite iconography. There is a little online exhibition you might want to check out ...

And then, just for reference, there is a beautiful glass painting depicting Sheikh Ahmad Tijani (and bearing a close resemblance to the print I have collected in Kano, thus, probably going back to some shared prototype), Sheikh Ibrahim Niasse and the Prophet Muhammad documented on the site of Joseph Hill of the American University in Cairo.

Alright, for me its now: do I write another page or better go to bed and get some rest …


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