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When knowledge production becomes the raw material of cognitive capitalism, what becomes of the old factories of knowledge, the universities? With the rising importance of knowledge, they move to the eye of the storm, become objects of desire of neoliberal transformations, objects of competition between regions and continents, but also subjects of struggles against these transformations and competitions. Though the university as a privileged site of struggle has – except for a few moments in time – been only a myth, in recent months there seems to be a rising tide of conflicts around it, in different places around the globe.


Andrea Benino: Notes on the Anomalous Wave, the G8 of Universities, the Repression and What (Presumably) Awaits Us

George Caffentzis / Silvia Federici: Notes on the edu–factory and Cognitive Capitalism

Elsa Dorlin: The Sorbonne Versus the Centaurs

Leonardo Kovačević: A Five-Weeks-Introduction to Democracy

Gerald Raunig: In Modulation Mode: Factories of Knowledge

Gigi Roggero: The Power of Living Knowledge. Crises of the Global University, Class Struggle and Institutions of the Common

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