Indian Religious Arts at Large

Its not Nigerian not even African at all ... I've just been reading about Indian popular chromolithographs to get some background for the potential spectrum of practices of visual piety involving mass produced religious imagery for my chapter on the posters ... and this is just amazingly pretty and raises exciting question regarding visual piety, the article I found that in does not address at all: What where the students' motivations behind this? Or, more concretely: Were they purely artistic/academic/etc? Or do they have to be understood against the background of local regimes of visual piety? And if yes, what are implications of the size, media of execution, the location, etc. of these images? Are they at all relevant? What is the iconographic tradition these illustrations stand in? On which basis were the dieties depicted choses? ... ... ...

Now, here's the link to the article this picture illustrated: Larger Than Life, an article in the English-speaking online edition of the German news journal Spiegel.


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