African artists poor as rich cousins refuse to hang money on walls

Alright, still not sleeping (though its high time) but got to post a link to an interesting article that I myself only know about thanks to Bisi Silva's posting on facebook:

African artists poor as rich cousins refuse to hang money on walls

(Nation, Kenya, 23 July 2009)

Among the many godchildren of Globalization is the art business. It has grown from several hundred million dollars a year into a multi-billion dollar industry in a little over a decade.

Bad news is that Africa is missing out on this bonanza.

Today art, especially contemporary art, brings together a vast, growing community of savvy artists, dealers, curators, galleries, museums, auction houses, publishers, film makers and internet designers in an exciting new marketplace where everyone seems to gain enormously. Unfortunately Africa and Africans are sadly locked out of this burgeoning business.

And this time it is not due to any machination by “blood sucking western capitalists” of the post-colonial order but by Africans’ own failure to cotton on to a good thing — even when it stares us in the face.

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Alrigh, now I’m really off for a hat full of sleep … G'night guys!


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