London: Two Conferences and One Supervisor

I have to confess something: I have been missing London a great deal. Its just sooooooooo great to be back here! Even if it is just for a week. Even if I spent most of my time inside at conferences. You wouldn't believe how stimulating it is. The last few weeks I really had problems to motivate myself. I mean, a little bit of isolation helps to focus on the writing but ... I've really been missing the exchange with people who have the same freedom and duty to muse and think about fussy details of our research or the theories we're using. It is really been stimulating and I can't get back to writing!

As regards the two papers I was presenting ... well, apparently it went quite good. I say apparently because at least with regard to the second one I really thought I messed it but then I was actually approached by other students at the conference telling me how interesting the paper was. So I guess it wasn't that bad afterall. Anyway, after all the feedback I got I really feel I want to work further on both of them, obviously primarily the one that directly relates to my thesis ...

Anyway, looks like they want to publish the papers from the second conference. I should be very happy about it but truth is I'm not quite sure. This particular paper had been about my use of the term 'northern Nigeria' and I probably don't need to tell you that there's some baggage and connotations attached to it and how that's all kind of related to identity politics in Nigeria. So, basically I was presenting my very personal thoughts of how that might relate to my research and, more importantly, analysis of contemporary arts in the such named region - because, let's face it, the term is in my title and I can't get rid of it again, despite the fact that I have since focused my research very much on Maiduguri, Kano and Zaria, so at one point or the other I have to address this. And, this was all the topic of the conference how we as research students at SOAS use regional approaches and really I got a lot of ideas how others use the region as an analytical category or why it just doesn't work for them. But do I really want that to get published? My almost private ramblings? Not sure ...

Anyway, let me go out and enjoy my last day in London .. its finally sunny again and I've been missing that town a hell lot, so: look out, me and my camera are coming!!!


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