Alright, there is nothing much exciting to tell you at the moment only ...

... well I just came across this nice page which might be interesting with regard to the prints I've been discussing below. Here is the link to an exhibition of popular images in the wider Muslim world ... just to put Nigerian practices, not only the old prints I mentioned before but also more recent trends, a bit into context so if you're interested go and check it out: Devotion in Pictures, at the Bryggens Museum, Bergen, Norway, 2-16 April 2000.

... and then there is the website of the website of the Tasveeer Ghar, Global Popular Muslim Iconography Project at the University of Heidelberg who have a great collection of links (to articles and websites), they are particularly interested in popular imagery in South Asia but as a means of comparison, again, why not check it out if you're interested in popular prints and posters. Here you go.


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