alright, alright, I know I've once again not made it in time: Christmas and New Year are already over and still I haven't send out any holiday greetings!!! I'm really sorry ... and, well, I'm not ... basically I've not felt particularly social for the last two weeks and really enjoyed to (largely) hide away at my parents' place at the village, long walks through the woods at their door step, loads of sleep and rest, as well as mummy's good food. And, surprise, surprise I've once again not really managed to write anything - its just to cosy and tempting to socialise with my loved ones. Well, latest by monday I will have to declare the holidays over and get started again ... and hopefully, manage to use my last few days here (no worries about how to pay the rent, or rather find a new flat again, when to do the shopping etc.) and get some writing done ... well, at least that's my very personal new year's resolution!!! anyway, let me get back to my parents and enjoy another calm and cosy evening at home before I get back to work on monday ... a happy new year and all the best wishes!!!


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