A little flea called St. Aying

I have to confess to an idea, a little flea somebody put into my ear already quite a while ago and that's now established a family that's slowly working its way right through my brain. The flea's called: St. Aying. - Sure, the originator of this little insect is currently not really relevant in any plans I'm making but this little monster has nevertheless developed a live of its own. Or rather, some environmental factors have encouraged the flea to start his little family that is now effecting my plans for next year:

For a number of reasons, some due to my own originally wrong approach, some to certain deplorable character traits of mine, others to time wasted on, lets call it: administrative issues (I already lost over two months earlier this year, another two weeks this month and will probably have to spend some more time on it later next month), I'm not really satisfied with the progress I have made with my research, the reason for which I originally came. And now it looks like there might be an opportunity to get a job here and, hence, extend my stay for another year or so while accomodation is provided and I earn a living wage.

I haven't yet really made up my mind and would be very grateful for any comments, hints and feedback ... I'm not yet hundred percent sure about the implications regarding my grant and the regulations of the school. After all, I was hoping to use this time to finish and write up my PhD while still in the field, while being able to rather easily contact my informants to clarify any questions I might be having. Hence, I will have to undertake a little bit of research before I take any final decision but ... well, I got a tentatively positive feedback from my supervisor just today and feel quite encouraged by that. So, yeah, really interested in further feedback and opinions ... you can leave comments on this side and you have my email, I assume, so pls. help me make up my mind and take the right decision!!!


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