Still alive and finally moving on to Kano!!!

Alright, its almost exactly two months since my last entry. Sorry for that but, to my defence, there has hardly been anything worth reporting going on. I spent my time dealing with administrative issues – I mean, anybody seen and/or remembers the Asterix and Cleopatra film? There is this sequence when Asterix and Obelix are requested to just get a simple document from some Roman bureaucrats and kept on being send from one to the other and nobody actually feels responsible … That gets kind of close to the experience of the last few weeks, just without the magic drink!

Since yesterday I’m free (for the moment) and will travel to Kano to continue my research there. Finally. I have been waiting for this ever since I came back from Abuja/Lagos and have had people there asking were I was several times. So, now I’m finally actually going and really looking forward to a bit of a change and some progress with my work.

Though, its not completely true that nothing news-worthy happened the last few weeks. After all I just acquired a new senior brother!!! Abdul Azeez, as he is called, is working at the Postgraduate School at Unimaid and we’ve been coming across each other a lot during the last few weeks (usually he making me wait for him for hours!) and we’ve finally decided that this had to be formalised somehow – hence, now he’s officially the senior brother I never had. And I love the way people look at us when we tell them so: Same mother, same father!!! No, really, he’s coming after daddy and I’m more looking like mummy! Love it. Now I just need to work out how to tell my parents!!! (-:

Oh, and I experimented with local baking techniques and it actually works: you can do a reasonable bread in a pot on firewood if the pots half-filled with sand and the bread rest on that very same sand. – Tomorrow we’ll try whether it also works for pizza, though, I couldn’t find cheese when I was running up and down the shops today. Supposedly there is some kind of tinned cheddar available from some shops at Gidan Madara but … couldn’t find it! Just tinned cream fresh. Which is not exactly the same. But we’ll see how it works out.

P.S. Just as a side-note: My usual internet cafe has currently not working generator so is not available and somehow I seem to be unable to open facebook from the one I'm using currently. So to all facebook friends, sorry, bear with me until I'm finally in Kano!!!


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