A lesson learned the hard, well disgusting way ...

Okay, that's more of the travel anecdote kind, but as Anne said this should become a book at one point I thought its worth noting that ... also as a slightly belated Halloweengruselstory ...

Just a warning: Loli, don't read this: there is repeated use of the C-Word!!!

Basically, the lesson learned is that insect repellent even generously applied to the whole body does not protect you from cockroaches ... well, this is of course only an issue of you are as stupid as me: Getting ready to go out to celebrate Malam Ibrahim's admission to Swansea uni I was thinking that this was an occasion for a bit of eye shadow and mascara and wondering whether the afternoon light outside wasn't more appropriate for its application then the stuffy room in which none of the lamps works for lack of power. Hence, I just dropped around the corner, took a seat on one somewhere on the floor and started to focus on my reflection in the mirror ... occasionally there was a moth flying by, or so I thought. Anyway ... actually, did you know that cockroaches can walk all over you without you even feeling them? Believe me, they can!!! Because, obviously, those moths were actually cockroaches, cockroaches looking for a warm place in my trousers, jumper and hair ... only noticed it because one fell of my jumber when I got up again. And suddenly I noticed them all over me!!! Must have been a nice sight, me dancing there in the backyard of the tourist camp somewhere between panic and, well, panic trying to get rid of them again, the little monsters being thrown all over the place ... and again and again discovering another one!!! Honestly, I had to give Malam Ibrahim a ring, make a new, later time and have a shower!!! Oh, and I haven't worn the jumper since ... I'm quite paranoid now.

Now, can somebody pls. tell me, what cockroaches are if not insects?! Or for what other reason my insect repellent - good old agressive Autan - didn't keep them of!!! Especially when you're in public in an Islamic country and can't easily rip off your cloths outside your room but don't want to carry the beasts into your room .... grrrhhhh. I start to itch all over just remembering and writing this down!

Shike nan!!! I have to get back to my homeworks, or rather: I entered into a competition with Mr. Showoff, Nasiru Wada, about who can produce the better geometric design? Ocassion was his claim he could easily do what the participants of this course I'm attending are doing now that he's seen them doing in, in particular the beautiful batique Hannatu produced. Well, obviously I have great doubts about this ... but let me get back to this


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