Another Scare

23/12/07 Andrew told me to be careful if I go out in the evenings. Chenie (not sure about the spelling), the sister of his wife and about 22 or 23 years old, was almost kidnapped the other day. Apparently she jumped on an achaba at post office area, just the way you normally do it. Suddenly she passed out and the next time she remembers is how she got back to her senses and found herself being driven in a completely different direction, namely out of town towards the Army Barracks. She asked the driver where he was taking her and that this was not the right way at all, the just ignored her and kept on speeding. Only because she managed to scratch him, pull his hair and wrangle with him to the extent that they were almost about to fall over both of them, he stop and she got off the bike and onto another one home. Now, if that’s not scary. Especially as he also told me about some girls that have gone missing recently and that some have been found dead with parts of their body missing. And supposedly, I don’t really know how to interpret this, there are these guys around who just touch you and you’ll pass out … supposedly no drugs, no violence involved, or rather not at this point. Killing obviously involves violence. He referred to medicines and magic. And he’s a quite stout Christian and otherwise very … Just not the kind of person you could just say, well, he’s superstitious and doesn’t know better. Never quite sure what to make of those things; I have decided long time ago not to believe in any of these superstitions. But what other explanation is there. Volunteers please!!!


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