Stranded in Kano

Alright, now I'm in Nigeria for almost a week and have achieved next to nothing. Why? Great British Airways has lost my bag along the way from Berlin to Abuja. And, now after almost a week there is still now sight of it, not even a call-back from the guys in Abuja ... Are they taking the mick? Instead I should already have gone to Maiduguri to meet my former Hausa lecturer but without the bag? So, anybody out there: cross youre fingers my bag will turn up soon! My jeans are slowly getting smelly, I fear, after a week sweating in them. ... Apart from that though, Kano is still a nice place, its just that I have already seen the major sites and as I'm not planning to stay longer for the moment, can't really start with my actual research ... Ach, Great British Airways, are going to pay my university fees if I need an extra year because of the delay?!


  1. Maybe you can buy some clothes on the local market. They probably have better stuff to wear in hot areas.

    That's just fun.

    Anyway, I hope for you, that your baggage will arrive soon.



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