First day at Campus, Maiduguri

Alright, there I am now in Maidguri and yesterday even made it to university for the first time. I had secured an appointment with the head of the department of creative arts. And, actually he took about an hour or two time for me. Very nice, very kind. So far. Problem is, I was hoping to learn from him whether and where there might be some documentation about the history of the department. But, because he is only in his post for two years, he doesn't know, is not aware of any documentation. That's a huge disappointment as I was hoping to be able to trace the development of student numbers and staff through these documents as well as any possible changes or discussions about changes of curriculum. But, no, he doesn't know about any. The other problem I'm currently facing is that its examination period - yes, they are still about a few months behind schedule due to the strike in the summer. A bit shit for all finalists who because of that finish end of this month and can only start their National Youth Service next year. In way they are almost "loosing" a year. I mean, it is also to late to join most postgraduate courses, especially, if like Naomi, Andrew's daughter, you were thinking about going abroad for this. Anyway, for me it means that currently students are busy with their exams and not really having a head for requests like mine. And then, they are off for three months. And lecturers are only at the department if they are invigilating, i.e. slightly harder to get hold of. Grrrh. Now the HoD of the department suggested I prepare a questionnaire for his staff. It's not really what I intended as I was hoping for discussions in which some aspects might come up I hadn't previously thought about. But, hey, I prepared the questionnaire and included my contact details. Let's hope some of them find time for me for further discussions. On the other hand, I have been quite lucky yesterday having this graduate of the department and aspiring artists seeking me out yesterday. And he seems quite nice, although he has quite flowry expectations of what it means to be an artist in Europe or the US. Not sure he really believed me that not everybody is making shit loads of money. Sorry, for the expression. And, I also spend some time with a friend of Naomi who will graduate as from the department in a months time. He's a painter and got recognition as the best in his class. And he's quite keen on talking to me. Oh, and did I mention, his mom and sisters are great fun to talk to - he deposited me with them while he did his prayers. I'll hopefully learn more about both of them in the next few weeks. Anyway, let's see whether I get that pics of the three of us uploaded.


  1. it's a shame there are no records or documentation to show the progress or growth of this dept. I was a student in the creative arts dept and would have loved to know that its history was recorded. from what i rememberedit was aunique dept and we all stood out...your pitures and blog bring loads of wonderful memories.Good luck with your work.

  2. hey, thanks ... just a quick response: I did actually find some information I guess there is more to gain. Once I'm in Nigeria again I'd love to talk to Prof. Suleiman who is currently at Bauchi but set up the departmental programme in Maiduguri when he was on sabbatical from ABU ... well, I leave a note here as soon as get more information ... P.S. would you mind to get onto the phone with me or skype to talk/chat about your own experience some time? email me if you're interested!


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