Got it!

I still can't really believe it, it's getting real: almost a whole year in Nigeria! Last week I finally heard from the Research Council and it looks like they actually fund me for this trip! Am I happy? Of course, ina jin farin ciki sosai! More then just happy. Actually europhoric to the degree of being useless for the first couple of days after I heard the news.

Well, as its sinking in I'm of course also getting nervous and a slight bit scared: such a long time, the first time ever I won't be home for Christmas! Honestly, I think it would be unhealthy not to be at least a bit anxious in the face of such a big project and change. And also there is sooooo much to prepare: moving out of my flat, sorting through all my stuff and putting it in storage, sorting out the bills, dealing with the agency, booking the flights, making appointments for the last vaccinations, getting the visa, organising a farewell something, ... and reassuring my mum that Nigeria is not a war zone.

Oh, and just to prove that I'm so certainly the right person for a project like this: I actually managed to bin my invitation letter (yes the one I need to get my visa!) together with the rest when sorting through my paperwork! If that's not a good omen! (I'm being ironic here!)

But yeah, for better or worse, Nigeria, I'm coming!


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